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Norah Logsdon

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I was born in England in a small town called Netherton a borough of liverpool. I have 2 brothers George and Billy but unfortunately my parents have both passed away. I have been married twice my second marriage being amazing and one that moved me away to the USA where I now live in Dallas Texas. I don’t have any children but am fortunate to have many wonderful friends.

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Dollar my family friends and Tilly Mint. I also love chocolate!!!

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Horror movies particularly bloody ones

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Office manager working for Dollar Logsdon CPA accountancy firm. As we own the business Dollar Logsdon CPA i like to say I am the VP but it's just for fun !!


I don't consider myself as smart, but i do feel I have good common sense and to me that is worth a great deal in this world . I was quite shy at school was never expected to go to university so it was never discussed started work at Girobank 2 weeks from my 16 th birthday


Liverpool UK


Flower Mound DALLAS Texas


Facebook and Skype have been my lifesavers since moving to the USA now I can use FaceTime to talk free too , all great sites

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